Puly Cleaner Tablets and Tabs for Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Cleaning.

Puly Caff Tablets, otherwise known as Puly Tabs are the compressed pill like tablet detergent cleaners used for the cleaning cycles on bean to cup espresso coffee machines, sometimes referred to as superauto or automatic cappuccino makers. They are Biodegradable in accordance with the laws in force and have been tested and consequently certified by NSF International for the possible effects on health and for the corrosives of specific professional chemical detergents for espresso coffee machines.

These highly concentrated top of the range tablets are 100% dis-solvable, even in cold water, the detergent is fully active within 10 seconds of being utilised. These typically come in two sizes which are 60 x 2.5g tablets or 100 x 1g tablets, the larger 2.5g tabs are used for commercial bean to cup machines made by manufacturers such as Faema, La Cimbali, Jura, Brasilia, Cafe Swiss, Flavia, Etna, Santos, Gastro, WMF, Macco Mega, Franke Evolution and Bravilor, check the sizing guide below for the best suited type.

Puly Tabs also come in a smaller size 100 x 1g, these are more suited for small domestic and medium size commercial bean to cup machines or automatic cappuccino coffee makers and models such as: Koro, Jura Impressa and Jura X9,X7, XF50, X, Z, XS series, Lavazza Modo, Korinto, Kolbado, Cino, DeLonghi, Nuovo Simonelli Microbar, siemens, Solis, Franke Evolution + Flair, Z5A, Swiss Egro, Stafco Neva, Saeco, Gaggia, WMF Gastro, Presto , N and W, Prestolio, Saphira, Macco Sirio, Santos Cappu, Melitta, Horeca, Necta, Schaerer Siena Tasman, Real Bean and Azkoyen, information relating to sizing can be seen below in order to establish which item suites your requirements.

Each handy sized container of tablets is security sealed at the factory keeping them fresh and clean, ready for you to use on your machines next cleaning cycle. The two different sizes of tab are easily recognisable by the distinctive labelling, the 100 x 1g Puly Tablets come in a container with a green label and the 60 x 2.5g Puly Tablets come with a blue label.

Which size you use is normally dictated by the size of the slot on your machine, which size cleaning tablet should you use for your bean to cup machine? A useful guide is to measure the diameter of the slot, you should use the biggest tablet you can which will suite the model of automatic cappuccino maker you have, here are the measurement specifications :

PulyCaff Tablets 1g size are 10mm in diameter, PulyCaff Tablets 2.5g size are 16mm in diameter, so for best results measure the size of your slot and you'll know which one to buy, the depth is hypothetical due to the fact that this detergent in this product is the fastest dissolving ever made, even in cold water !

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