Puly Grind Coffee Grinder Cleaner.

Puly Grind is the Gluten free coffee grinder blade and burr cleaner which cleans your grinders blades without the need to disassemble the top part of the grinder. A massive time saver, using this product it means you are free from the task of having to also re-thread your top burr/blade as you would using the traditional method of cleaning.

Puly Grind does not create dust in use and is harmless to diabetics and celiacs. Itís fast, effective and clean in use. Using patented technology these grinder cleaning crystals help you to create a better level of crema, an improved aroma and a better tasting espresso based beverage.

The main function of the crystals is removing oily deposits left on the blades and burrs by your coffee beans, these can, if left uncleaned, soon build up and create a rancid smell. The 100% concentrated crystals are powerful without being harmful, they are gluten and preservative free as well as food safe, being fully certified by NSF International with itís own protocol P152.

Using these crystals will strip the blades of oils without adjusting or altering the grinder settings and so this is a fantastic product for those in both a commercial coffee machine setup and those who are short of time who donít want to take their grinder apart once a month to clean it creating a mess in the process.

How To Use Puly Grind
  • Empty the grinder hopper so it is free from beans.
  • Run the grinder to rid the internals of coffee.
  • Pour the entire sachet of crystals into the grinder.
  • Put approximately 14g of coffee beans in the grinder.
  • Run the grinder until all the beans have ground.
  • Discard ground coffee and pulygrind remains.
  • Run another 14g of beans through the grinder and discard after grinding.

Puly Grind