Puly Milk Bean to Cup Machine Cleaning Liquid.

Used on the cleaning rinse cycle for all known makes and models of bean to cup espresso coffee cappuccino machines from the light to the medium and then onto the heavy duty high volume automatic coffee machine models, Puly Liquid is the product recognised industry wide as being the best to use.

It is not only used for internal cleaning but many people use it for cleaning auto cappuccino milk frothers and foamers as well as milk jugs and frother attachments, in fact wherever there are milk deposits or coffee residue, even in situations where they have dried up, Puly Liquid detergent cleaner can be used effectively to remove them.

This industry standard liquid is both user and environment friendly and comes in a rugged 1 litre squeeze and measure plastic bottle. Looking at the container from the front this innovative design has two openings, the blue section on the left is made so that you can squeeze the bottle until the required amount is sat in the measuring container (0-30ml) before opening and pouring.

The red lid to the right of the liquid bottle is simply for opening and pouring free style for applications where you may wish to simply soak things in for a while to break down and clean stubborn dried milk. The transparent bottle makes it easy for you to see exactly how much is left in the container.

Instructions on 'how to use Pulymilk Cleaner ?':

For cleaning a steam wand simply add 25ml of Pulymilk to 500ml of cold water. Insert the steam wand, also sometimes known as the steam arm, into the solution. Open and close the steam valve (via the steam knob or slider) 7 - 10 times in succession. To rinse any remaining solution away from the machine simply repeat this cycle using normal cold water.

For cleaning a Bean to cup cappuccino machine auto frother, milk, tannin staining and coffee residues add 25ml of PulyMilk into 500ml of cold water, insert the machines suction pipe into the solution, run the entire volume of cleaning solution through the milk frother, rinse out by following the same procedure with 1 Litre of normal cold water.

For any other required procedures please consult your machine instruction manual for more information.

Puly Liquid Liquid Cleaner